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“Hey Web Graphic Guy, I need a website for my small business


Web Graphic Guy will have you up and running in 4 easy steps!


1Green     Step #1. Share Your Vision With Us!

Contact us through phone or email to set up a time where we can go over what you want to achieve. We can discuss the options and possibilities.


2Green     Step #2. Create an overall plan!

We will work together with you to figure out exactly what your website will need to benefit you and your business. This will include layout, branding and features.


3Green     Step #3. Prepare the copy and design!

We will compile and prepare your text, business info and graphic images for your new mobile website. A private mockup site will be created for you to see as a work in progress.


4Green     Step #4. Launch your new mobile friendly website!

Once built, You will be shown your new site and offered the request to make changes before going live. Once you confirm the website, your site will be officially launched. Your new mobile responsive site will be running and ready to promote your business.


Responsive Design 300

Your new mobile responsive website will look great on all your visitors home and mobile devices.

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I am starting to build my new business and have a limited budget, can you work with me?

Yes, we offer ala carte services starting as low as $10 for basic banner ad images, $300 for basic website design and great bundle service packages such as the Online Business Makeover which offers over $375 worth of savings. Contact us for a free quote and find out what great, affordable services we can provide you that fit within your budget.


When you are building my website, Am I allowed to provide my own creative input or feature requests?

Yes, we will discuss your visual and functional goals for your website first, then handle the creation and development for you. Once ready, you will be given a chance to request basic changes before your site goes live.


What is the average time it will take you to build, complete and deliver my website?

While this will depend on the content and complexity of your specific site request, basic sites (such as single page blogs or landing pages) can be built in as soon as 3-4 business days. On average, most websites can be completed and launched within 3 to 4 weeks.


Once my website is built, Do I completely own it and the domain name or do you?

You are the complete and sole owner of everything regarding your website. You will own your own domain name, Your own professional hosting account and will be able to log-in to your private Admin account to access your own site wherever and whenever you choose.


Will I be able to change my phone number or update my address if I need to change something on my site.

Yes, your site will be built using the most popular and widely used content management software online today. You will have 24hr a day, 7 day a week access to log-in to your website and add or change all text, photos, posts and pages. You will have full control to make changes to any and all aspects of your own website.


How will my website look on various devices such as Desktop computers, Laptops, Tablets and Smart phones?

Your new website will look great on all devices and browsers. Your website will be built using the latest “Mobile responsive” framework which will adapt and look great to your visitors whether they are at home on a desktop computer or using their mobile phone. Your site will load fast and look great for all your website visitors!


Important message

If you break it down, you really only have two options.


214-WGG-What1. Take action today, make a plan for success and enjoy your results tomorrow…


2. Procrastinate and face the consequences for making poor decisions today.


Lets face it,  failure not only hurts but it also costs you precious time and resources.

Don’t beat yourself up over making the same business mistakes again.

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Let’s work together towards your financial freedom.

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Let us help you with all your online needs.

You and your business will benefit from our professional services.

214-WGG-ConstructionGraphics: WordPress Headers, E-Covers, Ad banners, Logos +

Website Design: CMS Websites, Blogs, Plugins, Themes +

Video Promos: Intro, Splash, Viral, Animated, Site tours +

Social Marketing: Promote on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube +

SEO Services: Content, Keywords, Links, Views, Images +

Photo Editing: Digital Image fix, Enhance, Effects +

Content Creation: Articles, eBooks, Press Releases +

Devin BHello, my name is Devin, owner of Web Graphic Guy multimedia services. Let me share 3 of the many benefits you will receive by having a professional and reliable Web Graphic Guy working with you.


214-WGG-GraphSiteVid First, you will enjoy being provided with eye catching custom graphics that showcase you and your brand. You and I know if what you see is pleasant to your eyes… Your more likely to stick around a while.

Second, you will benefit from having a professional mobile friendly website design that helps your business grow and makes you the envy of your peers. “Look out for compliments ’cause here they come”

Third, you will benefit from the exposure, branding & increased traffic you gain from beautiful Video creation and Search Engine Optimization services that are all offered at affordable rates.


As an artist and business owner myself, I understand the difficulties that small business owners face. Luckily, I love what I do and enjoy providing quality services that over deliver. Client satisfaction is my top priority. Let me help you get motivated to achieve your goals, gain new clients and increase your revenue. It’s not as hard as it seems, All you have to do is put a simple yet effective system into place and then maintain it. At that point you have the option to grow, outsource or invest in new forms of revenue.


Let your friends at Web Graphic Guy provide you and your business the benefits, exposure and growth that come from working with reliable professionals with over 15 years of experience in Graphic design, online marketing, Video production and winning S.E.O. techniques. We’ve got your back!


Devin Baird bio“I enjoy providing quality services, tips, training and techniques that help make you and your projects look great and perform even better!”

Devin the Web Graphic Guy








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GRAPHIC DESIGN: Headers, Facebook Covers, Logos, eCovers and more

WEBSITE DESIGN: Custom Mobile friendly responsive Blogs an Websites

VIDEO CREATION: Promo videos, Explainer videos, Intros and more

PHOTO EDITING: Photo fix, Enhance, Effects, Filters and more

SEO SERVICES: Effective Search engine Optimization campaigns

SOCIAL MEDIA: Social Marketing, Curation and Promotion

CONTENT CREATION: Articles, eBooks and Press Releases






Web Graphic Guy provides custom web graphics for businesses to have a matching branded look across all the top social media platforms. We also design mobile friendly websites for business so that your current web visitors and potential clients have a good user experience. We also use video marketing promotions for business exposure, traffic and leads. Social media marketing for business is also a key factor in building trust and authority in your line of business. SEO service for local LA businesses is very important for getting found by potential clients doing a mobile search. Most people use a mobile device to search for local businesses. These are just a few methods that Web Graphic guy uses to help you build Your Business Online.

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