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Custom Mobile friendly WordPress blogs and multiple page websites:


Professional WordPress Website design services

Affordable Professional Website design services such as WordPress set-up, Premium Themes, Plugins, Blogs, Business sites, e-commerce sites, MFA sites, Mini site design.

Get your own custom site built to suit your needs. Available in “Blog” or “Website” format. All basic blog and website starter packs available below. Total cost of custom website is determined by individual client requirements and customization needs.


Site Build Option 1:



Single page site that showcases your posts.


This is a “Blog” website format where your home page always showcases your latest posted content at the top of your web page. Your front page will always automatically show your newest updated content. You can post unlimited content including text, photos and videos and it will be shown in order from newest to oldest. You can also choose a “Featured” post that will always appear as the first post on your front page of your blog. This is a good spot to put info about you, your business, service or project.


  • WordPress install and setup
  • Premium mobile responsive theme
  • Theme installation and setup
  • Install of customer supplied Logo
  • Basic security and SEO plugins
  • Setup of “Blog” site site format.
  • Contact page and contact form
  • Footer menu with all Legal pages

Basic “Blog” creation and set-up $349 on Sale $299

Cost includes basic service and setup on your hosting account as described above.

Logo design, custom graphics, written content and video services provided at additional cost. Hosting not included but also available at additional cost upon request, scroll down for Hosting account information.

( valued at $499+ )



Site Build Option 2:



Multiple page site with navigation link menu at top of main Home page.


This is a site format with a static home page and top navigation menu that shows links to your other pages and or blog posts. Basic site setup includes up to 5 pages. Examples of most common site pages are Home page, About us, Contact, FAQ and Links/gallery. Page titles can be chosen by you. Legal pages are included


  • WordPress install and setup
  • Premium mobile responsive theme
  • Install of customer supplied Logo
  • Theme installation and setup
  • Basic security and SEO plugins
  • Setup of “Website” site format.
  • 5 custom pages of your choice
  • Contact page and contact form
  • Footer menu with all Legal pages

Basic “Website” creation with 5 page set-up $1099 on Sale $999

*Each additional page $99

Cost includes basic service and setup on your hosting account as described above.

Logo design, custom graphics, written content and video services provided at additional cost. Hosting not included but also available at additional cost upon request, scroll down for Hosting account information.

( a $1199+ Value )



Basic shared hosting account with C Panel, Email and WordPress.

$240 per year


  • 1 website per account
  • 5 email accounts
  • 25 subdomains
  • 50 GB storage
  • C Panel
  • WordPress site builder
  • Email, chat and phone Support

All Hosting accounts are paid for upfront and in full at sign up. All Setup fees are non-refundable. All accounts canceled in the first 30 Days of service qualify for a *full refund at the monthly rate.

Extra options available

Dedicated IP
$10 per month

SSL Certificate
$69 per year

Spam Expert mail filtering
$9 per month per domain

Site backup and Restore pro
$60 per year


Please contact us with any questions you have or to get a free project price quote.

Sample gallery of WordPress websites built by Web Graphic Guy.


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Have you considered the options of building your own website as apposed to hiring a reliable professional?


The sad truth is, even if you have the time, knowledge and skills needed to handle it on your own,  Starting a website can be be very stressful… even overwhelming! What is your peace of mind worth to you? Maybe you should consider allowing a qualified team to do the heavy lifting for you.

… on the other hand, let’s assume your ready for the difficult challenge of building your own site…

You will most likely  find yourself asking “Where do I begin?”

Well for starters you can try to build your own website with a free website builder. While this may at first glance seem like a logical choice to make, Beware of the little known but common pitfalls that come with making the wrong choice with this important decision… It can make or break you.

What are the pros and cons of using a free site builder, unprofessional cookie cutter templates on free website hosting?


214-WGG-WhatAlthough it might be free, The sad truth is most free website templates are unprofessional and many free website hosting sites place ads all over your free website. (Not to mention, your site is less likely to be trusted, have authority or be taken seriously when built using free hosting and templates)

The free website builder software they provide can be quite complicated, yield poor results and be inconsistent. In all actuality they can be a painful waste of your precious time. What little you save in money will be wasted in time with the common harsh learning curve and potential for disaster.

What are my other options if I still want to build my own website?


Well, for starters you can use a CMS (content management system) such as WordPress. Most quality hosting accounts offer WordPress as a site building option. I fully recommend getting an affordable hosting account from a well respected hosting company that is known for great customer support. I love my hosting provider! I have been a happy customer for many years now. They have always been great with trouble shooting when I had an issue or simple question. To me and my clients this type of support is very important!


Why is it so important to get a reliable hosting account with great support?


214-WGG-WhatToDoWith this small monthly investment you will have a reliable host for your site. Your site will also be free of any obtrusive ads. Plus, you will have the security and assurance that your site wont just mysteriously be deleted as often happens when your site is hosted on a free hosting account.

A quality hosting provider will offer great customer support and will be reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (The peace of mind this alone offers is priceless!)



What are some of the technical aspects of building your own website?


Now that you have a reliable hosting account for your site, The real fun begins..

You will need to:

  • Install WordPress or another C.M.S. on your server manually or in C panel
  • Configure code, pages, plugins, blog, links, insert content, contact info etc.
  • Set up an admin email, add all legal pages and disclaimers etc.
  • Install either a free theme or a premium responsive WordPress theme
  • Configure the themes widgets, colors, menus, custom CSS etc.
  • Get a professional graphic header designed for your WordPress site
  • Decide how to monetize your site with Ad networks, banners, links


… And that’s just the beginning. We haven’t even mentioned the extra things you will want to do like:




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214-WGG-EarsCover..Yikes! The list goes on and on and we haven’t even addressed issues such as:

  • Submitting your site urls to related niche directories.
  • Getting traffic to your site from trusted sources over time.
  • Internal linking, Back linking, Link trading and creating Link wheels
  • Creating web 2.0 accounts to auto post your content too.
  • Finding a way to shorten long url’s or cloak your affiliate links.
  • Setting up plugins to auto post to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Building authority and page rank by linking out effectively.

Lets just say it can get a bit overwhelming to tackle alone…

UNLESS, You have a reliable graphic and web designer that is handy with WordPress website design, Video creation and Search engine optimization!

(Plus likes to provide valuable advice, tips and tutorials to his valued customers)

Well, If you had a great Web Graphic Guy that new his way around all the technical stuff then I guess you would be in good company and in a much better position to succeed. Right?


214-WGG-ShadesThumbsContact me today and let me know what sort of project you have in mind. Let me know what budget you have to work with and I will give you a free quote.

I can work with your budget, Web graphic guy has learned how to “Accomplish a lot with what you got“.

Hire me for my affordable quality web design service and I will give you some free tips and advice for new webmasters on how to build your business online, jump start your project and get you on the fast track to success!

(Don’t forget to ask about my “Free gifts and bonuses” I offer my valued customers.)



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