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What steps should I use to design my site?

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There are only few ways and steps to follow on web designing. If you just follow it by procedure, you will definitely have the perfect website right for your need. It starts from simple to the most complicated one but the process would still be the same. It is just the basic techniques that vary at most times.


Five basic steps to design a website.

There are five basic steps that you can follow and derive your web from.

1. Create your copy

The first process is simply to create. It may sound hard and complicated but it is actually the process that takes long. There are variations of software that you may use to build one. But this process must be a free flash web at first to make it less complicated. And then start the customization of your web’s text, template, and even images. After the simple free flash web, you may try to have it published and see how it looks like.


2. Choose your design

The second basic step is choosing an appropriate design for your web. There are web templates that you can use from the web. Design may vary for your purpose. You may want a web for personal use, or in some cases, for businesses. Just match the characteristics of your website to the insight of your thoughts, harmony, and balance.


3. Make it attractive

Making it more attractive and harmonious will improve the web’s appearance and ability to gain visitors.

Building a website that is unique from the rest. Considering the features and galleries. This time, you can add an astonishing page or it depends on a kind of page that you wanted, making your page comfortable for your eyes.


4. Make it compatible

Compatibility check must be considered. Make it sure that your web must be compatible to all users regardless of their windows or interface. There must be no need for them to download any plug-ins or extra software just for them to access your web. It may be a big hassle for visitors to download software just to match it with your program. Visitors will easily leave your site if they find it boring or hard to access, and downloading software may need some time. Others don’t download software easily. They would prefer to leave your website than downloading additional software to view your web.

5. Finalize before launch

The finalization process can then be done. This will include reviews, check, test, and program tests. The entire task done from the previous four steps will be tested here. In this way, you will need to have a test environment. This environment will serve as the actual and live area where you may test the ability of your web to run smoothly. If there is a need to change or develop a

certain feature or page, you can do the editing in this process. The ability of the web to do and catch the attention of the visitor will varies this test. You would consider the test to yourself and have it running for a couple of times. Have it check with the entire team, and receive any comments and suggestions.

These steps on web designing will allow you to make the process easy and fast. Though this is just the basic steps and procedure, you can also apply this to a most complicated website. Variations may change but the process and steps will still be the same.