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Want your own Online Merch Store?


Showcase your own Artwork, Band or Business logo on multiple products you can profit from!

Hello, for a limited time. Web Graphic Guy is offering a custom “Print on Demand” store account and product design creation set-up service at $150 off normal set-up fee!

This is a one time set-up fee and there are no monthly or ongoing expenses. Once you have a store set-up you are free to add your own designs, promote and profit. This is a great passive income source and has great potential.

“I can only take limited clients and cannot offer this service for long.”


This service package includes the following:

1. Account and Store creation:

An account will be created using your preferred email and username on Zazzle, a top “Print on Demand” marketplace that handles taking orders, Printing, Shipping, Returns, Customer service and more.

The description, Keywords, Text, HTML and images will be set-up for you. You will be able to edit them at any time.

With this account you can upload designs and sell them in your own store and in their International marketplace.

The way it works is simple, there is a base rate for every item they offer. You get to add a % above that base price and that is your profit. So if the base price for a t-shirt is $10 and you sell it for $20, you make $10 profit per shirt (This is just an example, base rates vary for all items offered and you can set your profit percentage from 10% and up)

All you have to do is promote your products or store online and for every sale you make you will be paid. There is no fees to have a store and you can upload as many designs as you like.


2. Create and Upload your custom design

I will create and upload 1 high quality design or logo and place it on various shirts that will show in your store. I will incorporate text and 1 image you provide and will use up to 4 colors. ( a full color image may be used but a high quality image must be provided )

Extra designs are available for an additional $30 per design, and $20 upload charge.

For a total of $50 per additional design created and uploaded to your store on multiple products.

Products offered include apparel, hats, posters, stickers, mousepads, keychains, pet products, and many, many more items.

*This service includes placing your design on various men’s and women’s tees, sweatshirts, hoodies and hats. Design placed on other merchandise mentioned above will be an additional $10 per item requested such as Posters, Stickers etc.


3. Custom store image header

I will design and upload a Full size, Custom store header that includes your store or brand name in any color/font with one background image that you provide. (I also have many premium stock photos that I can provide for an additional $15 each)

This package will offer you a setup like this page.


This is only an example, Your custom store will show your design on products and have your own custom image header.

For a limited time I am offering this complete package of account creation and set-up, Design creation and upload as well as custom store graphic image header design and upload for a one time flat fee of $450- 


Limited time discount of $150 off

only $300- Flat rate.

This is a one time set-up fee and there are no monthly or ongoing expenses.

The services in this package would normally cost you..

$180-   : Account creation, Information entry, Store creation and set-up.

$60-     : High quality graphic image design with image and transparent bacground.

$100-   : Design upload, Title, Description, Keywords and Placement on products.

$65-     : Custom full size, High quality Store header design including premium stock images

$45-     : Custom Store header upload, set-up and HTML installation.

= $450 Service charge.

For a limited time you are saving over $150 on this package. I can only take on a few select clients on this offer and then the offer will be closed. First come, first served. This service will take 1-2 days delivery on my end but will depend on how fast you deliver the basic needed info such as email, username, design concept or artwork and header concept.

*This service includes set-up, client confirmation and delivery. It does not include free training or continued consultation regarding your new store. After your custom store is delivered I will be happy to assist you with any further designs, questions and assistance based upon my hourly rate of $45 per hour.

For further information contact me at info@webgraphicguy.com

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