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Keys to Success

Devin B

“Here is some great information I want to share with you that will truly help you reach your online business goals.”

 7 keys elements that every successful marketer should learn.

If you are someone interested in marketing. You have probably heard…
“Knowledge equals Power”

Well, the first thing I want to do is ‘correct’ that saying…

I know from personal experience that it’s just not true.

The correct statement should read…
“The Applied Use of Knowledge equals Power”

Number one of The 7 Key Elements

Make a Plan

This may seem obvious to some people running any type of offline business, and yet people who decide they want to have an online business to earn some extra money often neglect this extremely important first step!

Can you blame them?

Most new would be marketers and online entrepreneurs start out with what seems a simple search of ‘make money.’

They are then presented with 447,000,000 websites! Can you imagine the confusion that already begins to reign as they click and click on so many sites?

What’s more with so many sites all vying for attention of the new marketer, they all try to make it sound so easy and simple, at least that’s what I’ve found, and I’m sure
you’ve seen the same if you’ve gone down that route.

It makes the old saying ring true that….

“It’s a total mine field out there!”

I don’t know if this has happened to you, but usually at this stage many will fall for the hyped up over priced ‘get rich quick schemes’ designed purely to extract maximum
revenue for the site owner from your wallet. They buy into the promises of overnight success, the pay us your money and do nothing pitch, and then can’t understand why
nothing is coming their way as promised.
If they are lucky they won’t fall for it too many more times (but from experience of talking to people we’ve met online, they usually do) until eventually they realize there is no overnight do nothing while making money in your sleep short cut.

That’s when most will either leave the Internet Marketing scene completely, or start to look for serious help.

What stage are you at?

Summing up

Key One… Make a Plan.

Get a map from someone who knows the route or follow someone who can lead you where you want to be. Decide where you want to go and make your plan with any help
you can get.

P.S. Do you remember the saying…
If You’re Failing to Plan – Your Planning to Fail
Don’t Fail to Plan.

Number two of The 7 Key Elements

Take Action

In chapter one we discussed Making a Plan. So hopefully you’ve given that some serious consideration, and have started to write down what you would really like to do…

In other words I hope you’ve made a start on Making a Plan!

Every Successful Marketer makes a plan, hopefully it will be obvious that they then Take Action. I’m sure you would agree that they must?

The difference I see with so many though, is that they make plans and have some really great ideas, but then those plans sit on a desk top somewhere, on a notepad or even stay in their heads…
People daydream of what they could do and how wonderful it will be… Then do nothing about it!

Granted it takes time, but without Taking Action, nothing else will ever happen.


Number three of The 7 Key Elements

Staying Focused

Staying Focused, stick to your plan.

If you’re following along with me so far you should now have some ideas written down ready to develop a Plan. You may even have some initial thoughts on how you can start Taking Action to get your Plan and ideas up and running. So moving on to another Key Every Successful Marketer Follows…

Staying Focused And Sticking to Their Plan.

Thousands of would be marketers do get this far. Then it all starts to fall apart for them. One of the main reasons is because they lose their focus
and don’t stick to their plan!

Summing up so far.
1. Make a Plan
2. Take Action
3. Staying Focused, stick to your plan.


Number four of The 7 Key Elements

Avoid Distractions

Forums, gaming sites, YouTube, Facebook etc.

You see a large amount of people get so far along and think things are moving along nicely.
They have made a plan… They have taken action… And they believe they are totally focused on their objective.

In other words they’re not skipping between different plans…. Yet

There never seems to be time to complete all the tasks they have in their plan, that require consistent action!

Why Not?


What I’m talking about is the things that sneak up on you. You may be taking action by making a forum posting to get your signature seen. That’s part of your plan and strategy so it shouldn’t be a problem……

Until you notice the posts someone else has made on your subject!

It seems very interesting and you feel you need to check it out to help in your business, next thing you know its an hour and ten minutes later. You’ve read a whole heap of info, and your business hasn’t moved forward!

You Got Distracted!

The same thing can happen when you go to places like YouTube and Facebook. (Especially Facebook)

Ask yourself:
“Is what I’m doing RIGHT NOW ultimately going to grow my business?”

And if you are following the recipe, What if you want more than just some success, well then you’ve got to keep following the keys that every successful marketer follows, that means…


Number five of The 7 Key Elements

Keep It Going

If you’ve been following me and taking notes, you should now be thinking about what happens next.

Don’t suffer the fate of many who taste success and revel in it for a short time, only to finish up right back where they started. I can only tell you from personal experience of good people I know, that it can all go horribly wrong if you just follow the steps once but then fall back into old habits and routines.

Once you have taken the steps to achieve some success, think long and hard about the medium and long term strategies you’re going to employ.
Keep creating new products, both for your existing customers and for new markets.

Be sure to look after your customers, build your lists of buyers and treat them well; give them more of what they want and always over deliver when possible.

Also be constantly planning to find new customers and potential customers for you to cross promote your various products to. Keep up to date with the constant changes occurring in your business and in the internet in general.

Essentially, DON’T Rest on your Laurels…

So develop the habit to always…

“Keep It Going”

That’s how every successful marketer consistently makes their full time income!

Number six of The 7 Key Elements


At some point round about now, you’re going to be wondering where all the time is going to come from for you to control and manage all the things you need to do. If you’ve started on your plan and are taking action, you will have realized something that will hit you as you start to become more successful.

There aren’t enough hours in the day for you to do everything that you’d like to do!

It will suddenly dawn on you that you can’t possibly give the best service to your customers, while at the same time continue to set up systems and learn everything there is to know about every piece of technology you want to employ, and still keep marketing and building your business!

Just like Every Successful Marketer. You’ll need to consider Outsourcing.

I’m telling you now, because it is one of the Keys that Every Successful Marketer Follows.

You might not want to hear this, but part of being a successful marketer means you’ll become a ‘Business Manager.’

Well, the good news is, anything you don’t think you can handle or won’t enjoy doing, can be done for you by someone else who does enjoy it, and is an expert at it!

As a Business Manager, you’ll learn to delegate to others.

As your business brings in the profits, you’ll come across people who all have different skill sets, you’ll also find out about places where you can go to find someone to complete a task for you for very reasonable money….

Once you start placing real value on your time, you’ll find that some things are just ‘cheaper’ to get outsourced, leaving you free to spend more time doing what you do best!

That’s one of the great things about being a successful marketer; you can focus on doing what you do best, and let others do the same. It becomes a real ‘win, win’ situation for all parties concerned.

Number Seven of The 7 Key Elements


Here’s a big key that all successful marketers follow  and you’ll see why it’s a definite ‘Key to Success’ as you read on. To quote from literature “No Man Is an Island” The author was speaking of life in general, but it certainly applies to building an online business.

As you follow from key one through the stages and keys required to become successful you’ll realize that although it is possible to ‘do it all by yourself.’

The whole process of building a long term and secure business is made so much simpler with ‘friends’. As in life, some things can seem daunting at first appearance, yet they are made so much easier if you have the support and help of some good friends.

Quoting again from a popular song , “I’ll get by with a little help from my friends” …(Macca would be proud)

Now you can call them ‘business acquaintances’ or ‘online contacts’ or ‘JV partners’ or what ever other term springs to mind, but at the end of the day we all share a common goal,

To Make Money Online.

… but never forget, the redeeming qualities of a simple day spent laughing, eating and sharing with family and friends.

“Never forget to live”

“Enjoy yourself, Enjoy others, Enjoy life” …a time and place for all things, large and small. Hence, once distracted, head back to the subject at hand.

If someone helps me in achieving my goals, that puts them into my category of ‘friends’. Likewise, I like to help my friends wherever I can.

This is something that you’ll discover as you develop and grow your own Network of contacts. Naturally, everyone wants to grow their own business, but once you get involved with a network of people, you’ll find yourself helping people even when there is no immediate benefit to
yourself, and vice versa.

It’s a great feeling when you get an email from someone you’ve helped, telling you of the success they’re now achieving, trust me, you’ll love it.

Your first dollar made online, Your first client, your first product sale. It is a reward in itself that builds motivation and endurance.

Where can you build your group of friends and business contacts? The answer is, “many places online” such as…

Your own mailing list

If you’ve been building your list and ‘looking after them’ as you should have been. That’s a great place to start. Ask them for some feedback; correspond with anyone who does write to you. If you get questions from buyers about your product, go further than a one word answer, and ask them a little about themselves.

Your Website

Another way to network and find people who can become your friends, is to make sure you have a webpage on your sites that tells people a little about yourself. After all, it may help in your sales too; some people prefer to buy from people they feel they know. Also, people reading it may decide you’re the kind of person they’d like to work with at some point, leading to further communication and another relationship developing.


Forums can be a great place to build relationships with other marketers.

Social Media

In a similar way to forums, social media can lead you to finding people who could eventually become a part of your network and also a way for them to find you. With the explosion in popularity of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter you’d be crazy to leave this out of your business.

I have generated tons of new business and have managed to strike new business relationships by simply using social media sites. However, be careful you don’t end up wasting your time on these sites as it’s very easy to do. (Avoid distractions)

Offline Events

Attending offline events can put you in touch with a variety of people with different skill sets who all want to find new friends to help and support each other.

Mastermind groups

If you can find any mastermind groups advertised, consider joining one, again, it’s like a mini offline meeting where people will not only share knowledge and skills, but have been known to collaborate on products too.

I’ve mentioned some ways of building your network, it’s not a definitive list, but gives you some ideas.

Well, hopefully I’ve given you sufficient reasons to show you why every successful marketer networks and develops relationships to make friends online. You’ll want to ensure you do the same.


I’d like to finish key 7 with another quote…
This time it’s not from  a song, it’s by a guy named Zig Ziglar and many people refer to this quote for all sorts of reasons. I believe it’s a perfect fit in my efforts to help you.

“You can have anything in the world you want if you’ll Just help enough other people get what they want.”


So to finalize and sum it all up again one last time…
1. Make a Plan
2. Take Action
3. Staying Focused, stick to your plan
4. Avoid Distractions
5. Keep It Going
6. Outsourcing
7. Networking


There you have a prime example of the 7 Keys in action. If you’re still reading this, what more proof could you want?

Final Words

So now the ball is in your court, as the saying goes.

You have the 7 Keys, the combination that is required for ultimate success.

The question is, will you use them? I would strongly suggest that if you’ve read thoroughly that you go over every Key element one at a time and make some notes. I won’t repeat myself again, you know each heading by now.

Write down how you’re going to get to where you want to be, and if you feel there are parts that you may need help on, then feel free to get in touch with me.


These Keys can open the doors to success for you, but they will only work if you use them!

The true secret is… Success is a combination, not a key.

Here’s to our success.

Devin the Web Graphic Guy


Take Action now! Contact me today and let’s work together for your success.



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