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Content Creation

Original optimized web content:

Professional written Press Releases, eBooks and Articles.

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Press-releases Web Graphic Guy provides you with one of a kind search engine optimized content for your website,  social media profiles and information products.

We can also provide you with custom press releases, Ghost written Info products and articles to promote your current business, product or service.


Press Release Writing And Distribution

When you need press releases written and distributed, leave it to us! Our expert writers can take the hassle out of press release writing for you. They’re highly skilled at creating press releases that get the attention of your target market and show them what you’ve got to offer. They understand well the specific elements that a good press release needs.


What Elements Make A Good Press Release?

The first step in writing a press release is to zero in on the most newsworthy or remarkable aspect of your business and make that the main theme. With this item at its center, a great press release puts the word out about your company. It offers this information in a way that is clear and concise, and grabs the attention of the reader.

What You Get When You Hire Us

Our writers create professional press releases that stand out from the others. We also know which channels are best for distributing press releases and full distribution is a key component of our service. We also know what kind of press releases Google and the other search engines like. And we offer all of this at a price that is reasonable and competitive. We believe that this service should be affordable so that your business no matter how small can let the world know about your products and services.




eBook and Ghost writing services

Can we create Your eBook For You?

ebook-product-creation eBooks help you to brand your business and establish your credibility in your niche.

They can be sold or offered as freebies in order to build your list.

Let us create your eBook for you. Our service  includes content creation, embedding your affiliate links, 3D virtual eCover graphics, formatting and distribution.

Quality EBooks are a valuable tool in getting the word out about your business. They also have a great ability to become passive income providers if presented correctly…

Let us show you how!

Our eBook creation services include:


  • Product Development:    Our staff of skilled writers research your chosen subject carefully and offer ideas on how to create the high quality eBook you envision.


  • Ghostwriting:    Our writers create the eBook’s content and perform revisions until you’re completely satisfied. Once written, the copyright belongs to you solely.


  • Publication And Design:     We convert the files into a PDF with whatever security features you want. This file can be downloaded and read on any computer.


  • Distribution:   Place your eBook in front of your target audience,. Share your valuable knowledge with those that will benefit the most. (a novel approach)


Your eBook is an essential part of your overall marketing strategy. We can create it for you and help you use it to connect to your target market, grow your mailing list and build your passive income.



Article & Content Creation Services:

Original SEO written contentOn the internet,  Information is everything. Content is king and Entertainment is Queen.

Quality,  Humor & Honesty have never been as important as they are now!

Search engines and web surfers are looking for content that’s not only original, valuable and high quality… but also entertaining!  If they don’t find it on your site, they’ll look somewhere else.

Creating entertaining content that keeps them reading and gets them clicking is what we do best.

“Everyone loves a good story”… Right?

…well, maybe not everyone, but most people do!  At least we can agree on that.


Does all that really even matter?


Can’t I just get by with basic info and average content? I mean, Who really cares about quality, value and all that other hoopla? Why Is quality content So Important?

It depends on who you ask… What do you think?

Do you enjoy searching and finding useless information?

… I don’t either!

Truth of the matter is that that question can be answered in multiple ways…

The quality answer is content needs to be attractive to both search engines and your readers.

The honest answer is visitors will continue to read your info if its entertaining, shocking or controversial… even if it’s not the best solution.

The funny answer isLife is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.”

                                                                                                                                       – Charlie Chaplin


Master the method of providing solutions while combining these 3 elements and you will become unstoppable!


While this is no simple task to obtain,  The content on your site is also part of your on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO is another beast all together in itself,   but the truth is…  If your information is not valuable…

Your pissing in the wind (Pardon my graphic analogy)


The effects of providing original valuable content

Original quality content keeps your visitors on your site longer which tells the search engines that your information is relevant to your niche and valuable to your readers.

Your content also helps to establish your site as an authority on your niche that your visitors will refer to over and over again.

This effect will raise your sites position in the search engines, provide you organic traffic and help to build your mailing list.

(Are you ready to benefit from this?)



“If you offer the solution that someone is seeking, you’ve already pre-sold your products or services.

You can become wealthy by sharing what you already know with others.

Income growth becomes a side effect of providing solutions.”



But can you honestly offer me High Quality Content? Will you do for me what you have done for yourself?


Let me ask you, What do you consider high quality content?  What comes to your mind?

Great! I like what your thinking there and…

The answer is “Yes!” we can and will.

At Web Graphic Guy our writers enjoy creating content that is valuable, unique and easy-to-read.

We succeed when you do. We partake in your victory with you. So make sure you invite us to the party!


We understand the beauty of white space…

Tasty phrases are easier to enjoy in small flavorful bits.

Success is easier to achieve when you have friends that want to see you succeed.


Web content must be written in a style that’s engaging, conversational and at times controversial or unexpected.

It has to speak directly to your customers and provide the information they’re looking for.

Readers often benefit from a proverbial “Knock at the door” to startle and wake them from there slumber.

We know how to create website content that connects with your target market and leads them directly to your products and services.


 The Magic in Words


Words on a page can be magical if used in a certain manner. “Words are powerful”

Words have the ability to make you recall a scent, color or even a flavor.

Words hold the power to connect memories with emotions.

“WORDS RULE”… or is it “The WORD RULES”?

The written word can bring to mind many feelings and emotions. Even allow one to envision colors, sounds and aromas.

So many pleasing scents, so many heart warming colors and beautiful sounds… so many good memories!

Of course the opposite is true as well. Words can provoke fear, dread and many others powerful emotions.

Words can also make you “Take Action”… that is the technique we use when we provide solutions and provoke a response.

in the end…  isn’t that what good story telling is all about?

Remember, the written word serves many purposes, it’s powerful to find and implement a method that benefits your reader and your business.


Quality content presented with humor and honesty will entertain and provide value.

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